Our services

Together with our business consulting and buying, selling and renting real estate activities, we offer to our clients, according to their wishes and needs, a wide range of services applying the turn-key business model, from the initial concept until the final realization.

Here follows the list of all services provided to you by the M Chanaan team:


  • Business consulting, management and coordination of all the issues regarding the realization of the tender documents required in order to obtain a project license, particularly in cooperation with the public sector
  • Consulting and organizational activities including the harmonization of all legal, planning, economic and other key aspects of project management, in compliance with the Local Government Regulations and Investor’s Projects
  • Consulting on communication and cooperation with the public sector, particularly at local level as well as support at national level; the local level is intended for cities, municipalities and regions with their institutions, offices, administration and public companies, while on the national level it’s cooperation with ministries and other State institutions and offices
  • Consulting services related to a realization of urban plans, geodetic supports, environmental studies, conservation analysis, landscape studies and other related services
  • Real estates brokerage (buying, selling, renting), coordination and consulting on the purchase and sale of properties, issuing all the required documents, including the building permit and registering the property in your name in the Land Registry
  • Architectural design, construction and supervision
  • Property legalization services
  • Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
  • Business advice and support in launching new businesses in the Republic of Croatia, consulting on business and company management
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Translation and court interpreter services
  • Representation of foreign companies within their registered activities
  • Preparation of documents and other office services
  • Market and public opinion research services
  • Branding, brand care and communications; design, realization and maintenance of websites and other web related services.

Through all the above mentioned activities, M.Chanaan is cooperating with a tam of top legal experts.