Since 1990 the Vukušić family in Poreč, a beautiful town at the western coast of Istria, has been in business. At the very beginning they launched a family business that changed orientation as well as  company name several times, seeking the right direction and trying to prove its qualities.

Business consulting and real estate brokerage finally became our core activities, and we have gathered a team of top professionals, accordingly achieving satisfactory business results.

Together with a wide range of very attractive projects offered by M.Chanaan Poreč to investors, together with its knowledge and team of top experts, its experience is placed at investors’ disposal offering permanent advising during the investment activities. On their behalf M Chanaan Poreč obtains all required permits, supporting studies and documents, elaborate business plans, manages their projects, and stays involved until finalizing the project.

The M Chanaan team is dealing also with real estate brokerage, renovation and construction work, project designing and supervision. We have especially great experience in investing in the old stone houses, and in their reconstruction, as well as the construction of new properties in the same style.

M Chanaan Properties offers traditional stone houses, stancias (abandoned old farmsteads), modern houses and villas, hotels, tourist villages, campsites, pensions, projects of future golf courses with hotel-touristic facilities, marinas and many other projects and properties. Most of the offered properties are situated on the coast and in central Istria, in Kvarner and in Dalmatia. We provide our services of business consulting, project management and real estate brokerage all over Croatia.

We give our full attention to each client! You can count on the M Chanaan team in the post sale period as we stay in touch with our clients, available for all information and additional services within our business area.

From the very beginning our business was focused on trade (export-import), on representation of foreign persons and international companies, and on business consulting regarding investments in Croatia, Austria and Poland. All our profits have been invested in hospitality facilities, discotheques, tourism, real properties and development projects like marinas and golf course projects with accompanying hotel-touristic facilities.

Together with providing a wide range of services, we are always interested in new partnerships and joint-ventures on some projects. If you want to invest in the Republic of Croatia and have some interesting business plans and proposals, don’t hesitate to contact us! Together with our experienced team of specialized partners we welcome you with pleasure.

Offering a wide range of very attractive projects to investors, together with our knowledge, our experience and a team of top experts, we place our strengths at their disposal advising them on investing. On their behalf we obtain all permits, supporting studies and required documents, we assist them and stay involved until the final completion of the project.