Project Golf Larun

The toponym of Larun dates back to ancient times. A unique blend of vicinity to the sea, valuable architectural heritage, centenary olive trees and gentle slopes make an ideal area designated for development of top class holiday and sport resorts. This project is an exceptional investment opportunity, as M Chanaan can confirm based on many years of experience in the business consulting.

Two 18-hole golf courses and 1.200 lodging units in a top class hotel, holiday apartments and villas are planned in the 112 hectares of the Larun area.The main characteristic of this area is the complete absence of constructions, so it will be necessary to define the optimal terms of utilization, physical planning and protection. The construction of this complex, in strict contact with the existing and the foreseen facilities of the zones of Santa Marina and Lanterna, will have a significant impact to the economic development of the area.

Two driving ranges, a club house and a golf academy are foreseen within the golf course, along with commercial and service facilities, of an obligatory high quality and sustainable green keeping adapted to this exceptional area. Particular value is given by the planned archaeological park and the olive grove within the golf course.

The construction of lodging capacities is planned for the central part, on a south-facing slope with an excellent view to the golf course, the lake and the sea.

As the result of leadership of the M Chanaan consulting team for the project management, the Larun Golf Project is being at a final planning development stage (the urban development plan and the environmental impact study are adopted).

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