Development Project Golf Špin

M Chanaan Poreč consulting company is the initiator, advisor and coordinator of activities in this unconstructed and yet very attractive and excellently connected 158-hectare area between Poreč and Novigrad intended for the construction of one golf course and lodging capacities within the Project of Tar – Stancija Špin.The vicinity of the sea and an ideal configuration of the terrain with splendid views to the sea and to the valley of the river Mirna, along with excellent connections, provide great development potentials of this area.

The area intended for construction of a 27-hole golf course with accompanying facilities lies on a slightly hilly terrain reaching 90 meters above the sea level. The 900 top class lodging units are foreseen by the sea and Tarska Vala bay.

The existing physical plan sets the pre-requirements for realization of the project so it is possible to proceed with detailed planning and project documents drafting.

The area intended for the construction of top class lodging units spreads along the sea and the Tarska Vala bay, whose tradition of fishing dates over 1.000 years back. Its position assures tranquility and positive emotions to all the future visitors.

The pre-requirements for realization of the foreseen facilities within the golf course with lodging capacities of „Tar – Stancija Špin“ have been set by the existing physical plan of the region of Istria as well as the physical plan of the Tar-Vabriga municipality. Therefore, at this stage of project management, the M.Chanaan company is focused on business consulting in the field of cooperation and communication with the public sector, so that in the coming period could start preparing more detailed spatial-planning and project documentation.

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