Development Project of the Old Football Field

Old Football Field is an attractive building plot of 10.000 sqm foreseen for the construction of residential-commercial (business) buildings with a two floor underground parking garages.
Located in the strict old town centre of Poreč, by the old football field and the city harbour. The position is very attractive due to the vicinity of the main access ways to the city centre (old town and seaport). Therefore, based on many years of experience in business consulting in the field of development projects, with well developed business plan we can see this project is as an exceptional investment.

Within the framework of their activities of the business consulting and project management, the M Chanaan Poreč company’s expert team provides consulting services in the field of cooperation and communication with the public sector – especially at the local level. Holding the project activities in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the local level of the public sector (in this case the City of Poreč) is one of the imperatives in terms of the support that we offer our clients through project management and business consulting. M Chanaan highlights the area of the investment project of the Old Football Field in Poreč as a location of is of vital importance to the future development of the city for various spatial, urban, economic, viability and other reasons. It is a part of the old town centre, respectively the ‘’edge’’ of its urban structure, being also one of the main access to the city, namely to the seaport and to the old town. So the implementation of this project is crucial for the image of the city itself.

Moreover, the realization of the project will solve the key problem of the city – road traffic and parking. The implementation of this project will also support other important Programmes of the City of Poreč – viability, sports, education and others.
This part of town must be incorporated into the existing urban area, providing new structures with modern urban and architectural expressions, congruent with the time of creation, together with the valorization of the urban scenery.

The construction and the reconstruction of the buildings will tend to preserve the homogeneity of the space, so the new interventions must be adapted to the surrounding area, thus to connect with the existing buildings in a morphologically recognizable complex.

A city planing implemented in areas, structures, and public spaces, which are part of the strict city center, will be continued in the urban structure (block or semi block) and the existing values of the town.

The construction and the reconstruction of the buildings will tend to preserve the homogeneity of the space, with predominant urban structures characterized by buildings along with public areas – like streets, street enlargements, squares and parks.

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