Development Project Brda

The Urban plan of the Tar-Vabriga municipality sets all the pre-requirements for realization of a Project Brda holiday resort on this 82 hectares large, vacant land, located in an enchanting area with traditional olive groves and natural forest vegetation. A masterplan for this area is made in adopting an asset concept in accordance with the physical planning solution of Santa Marina the coastal area, functionally linked to the Brda zone. The urban plan of the Brda area has been elaborated and adopted.By their business consulting service the M.Chanaan tim of investors provides for all necessary studies, permits and documentations, business planning and organizing&coordination of the entire cycle of project management.

The Tourism Development Plan previews a preservation of olive groves and natural forest within the touristic area of Brda as valuable parts of the environment, as well as their inclusion in the physical planning solution.

A top holiday resort construction is planned in this area. The total lodging capacities of the Brda area will be 500 beds in hotels and top class villas facing the coastal area connecting them to the area of Santa Marina (with additional 1.500 beds). The northern part of the land, along the regional road, has been previewed for complementary facilities: a gastronomic village, recreation, entertainment, commercial, shopping and other purposes for visitors of the Brda holiday resort and Lanterna hotel-apartment complex, in addition to the already present 18.500 beds, for Santa Marina visitors, as well as for the local population of surrounding villages lacking in those facilities.

New catering-touristic facilities, infrastructure and green spaces are previewed by the area planning.

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